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Intuition supported by research has led us to revolutionary results. We have produced them for you.
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The result of 50 years of research and clinical trials on Melatonin, the pineal gland and aging mechanisms

The aging clock
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It supplements the minerals that are helpful for enzymatic activity and aids heavy metal chelation a wealth of minerals for a
well-balanced metabolism

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Thanks to 50 years of scientific research, we formulate unique products for people’s health.

And we know how to do it well.

Our products come from fifty years of research by Professor Walter Pierpaoli and collaborators on the relationship between the endocrine structures (in particular the pineal gland) and aging and on the need to resynchronize circadian biological rhythms over time.

Products created for the health and balance of our biological set up, with the aim of maintaining an overall balance in the human body and combating the effects of alterations caused by aging.

We base ourselves on the principles of maximum efficacy and our results are confirmed by clinical and scientific data.

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Melatonina Pierpaoli

The image is changing, the story continues.

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Melatonina Zinco Selenio

Melatonin Zinco Selenio Pierpaoli® is a product that was formulated following scientific observations and clinical trials conducted by Doctor Walter Pierpaoli and collaborators.
Its original formula is a Pierpaoli exclusive and was developed with the intention of obtaining a Melatonin release peak during the night, that helps to restabilize the young physiological night-time melatonic peak message.

  • It contributes to reducing sleep and falling asleep latency
  • It contributes to relieving the effects of circadian dysrhythmia
  • It is safe
  • It does not create dependency
60 tablets

Each tablet contains 1 mg of Melatonin – Daily dose


Chronobiological function


Sleep latency



Dr. Walter Pierpaoli

Melatonin: what it is and why it is important

Melatonin is a natural molecule mainly produced by the pineal gland. In nature, Melatonin is present in many plants that we eat. Melatonin plays an important role in regulating biological cycles and circadian rhythms, has antioxidant and chronobiotic functions and as such contributes to regulating the main physiological processes including the sleep wake cycle.


ProVision® Pierpaoli is a product studied to aid the maintaining of visual capacity. Its innovative formula aids the wellbeing of your eyesight.
The composition of ProVision® Pierpaoli was studied starting with the results of a clinical trial conducted by Walter Pierpaoli and his collaborators, on a group of people who were subject to the onset of age-related macular degeneration.

  • Wellbeing of eyesight
  • Antioxidant
  • Contributes to maintaining visual capacity
  • Contributes to protecting against oxidative stress
60 tablets

Average values for daily dose of ProVision® Pierpaoli (1 tablet):
Zinc 8.74 mg (DRV 87.4%), blackcurrant fruit e.s. tit. 15% anthocyanidins 50 mg – uptake in anthocyanidins 7,5 mg, Lutein 5 mg, Vitamin E 12 mg (VNR 100%), Astaxanthin 1 mg, Selenium 50 mcg (DRV 90.9%), Vitamin A 0.8 mg (DRV 100%), Melatonin 1 mg..


Maintaining Visual Capacity


Wellbeing of eyesight


Protection from Oxidative Stress
Maintaining eyesight as we age

ProVision® Pierpaoli is a supplement containing ingredients selected for their natural capacity to protect eyesight, combined to develop the efficacy of their properties.
The ProVision® formula, developed on the basis of a clinical trial, is a Pierpaoli® exclusive and contains blueberry that contributes to the wellbeing of eyesight, Maqui and Astaxanthin that have antioxidant properties, Zinc and Vitamin A that support normal visual capacity, Selenium and Vitamin E that protect cells from oxidative stress.

Formula KKS Algae®

Formula KKS Algae® Pierpaoli acts to stimulate the metabolism.
The algae are one of the nutrients on planet Earth with a large amount of minerals and can aid the function of your metabolism.
Their action is helped by the formulation of this dietary supplement, studied to supply the organism with balanced doses of precious minerals, useful for supporting the metabolism, and in particular, for improving the metabolism of fats and helping to eliminate heavy metals.

  • Useful for normal mood
  • Aids the metabolism of lipids
  • Stimulates the metabolic functions
60 tablets

Average values for daily dose of KKS Algae® (2 tablets):
Alga Klamath 600 mg, Alfalfa 300 mg, Alga Kombu 200 mg, Spirulina 200 mg.


Useful for tone of mood


Aids the Metabolism of Lipids


Stimulates the Metabolic Functions
The importance of Minerals

Most of the world population does not have a sufficient mineral intake.
Minerals are an essential part of enzymes, involved in the synthesis of many molecules, and physiologically are essential.
The advancing of age and an inadequate diet may lead to a consistent loss of mineral salts, that has an effect on metabolic balance.

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