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Thanks to 50 years of scientific research, Pierpaoli Exelyas develops unique product formulations that help regain control of the body’s biological balance.

Our products are the result of the studies conducted by Prof. Walter Pierpaoli and his team on the relationship between endocrine structures (particularly the pineal gland) and the body’s well-being, and their interaction with circadian rhythms. Pierpaoli products are created for the benefit of health, to maintain the body’s overall balance and counter age-related risk factors. Our work is based on the pursuit of maximum efficacy and data from scientific, pre-clinical, and clinical studies.

Our products

Scientific culture

“The sole purpose of my life has always been an insatiable curiosity about the biological foundations of life, the mechanisms behind the preservation of health and the pathway that leads us to an earlier or later death.”

This statement by Prof. Walter Pierpaoli is one of the best ways to summarise how we conceive, develop and offer innovative treatment solutions and offerings that complement and supplement currently available therapies in physiological and pathological conditions that occur throughout an individual’s life.

It is an approach based on the principles of inter-hormonal resynchronisation aimed at preventing and treating those dysfunctions that cause the development of disease and ageing.

Focus on melatonin

Melatonin is a “synchroniser”

Melatonin is an ‘ancient’ molecule, and its presence can be traced back to primordial photosynthetic unicellular organisms. Melatonin has a primitive and primary function as a scavenger of free radicals and as a broad-spectrum antioxidant. During evolution, melatonin has acquired other physiological functions, the most relevant of which are those related to chronobiotic activity.

Melatonin plays an important role in regulating the biological clock and circadian cycles, i.e., all the functions of the body that are related to and regulated by day-night alternation. Therefore, it can be said that melatonin has a fundamental role as a chronobiotic of biological rhythms and neuroendocrine activities. Examples of circadian rhythms are sleep-wake alternation, the secretion of cortisol and various other biological substances, the core body temperature rhythm, etc.

Walter Pierpaoli

As a physician and researcher, Walter Pierpaoli has dedicated his life to experimental research, and his discoveries have led to the formulation of therapeutic protocols with which he has treated thousands of patients around the world.

A man of great standing, culture and intellect with a rigorous and scientific approach, he has worked tirelessly to find, in the field, answers to the many questions that his dynamic and extremely intuitive mind has formulated.

In 1967, with the publication in Nature of one of his most famous papers, ‘Relationship between thymus and hypophysis’, he showed the interdependence between the neuroendocrine and immune systems, becoming one of the pioneers of neuroendocrine-immune modulation (NEIM).