We develop innovative product formulations that help regain control of the body's balance

Chi Siamo We develop innovative product formulations that help regain control of the body's balance

The aim of our scientific research is to develop innovative products, formulated with melatonin or other biological molecules, to improve people’s mental and physical health, regain control of the body’s balance and counter age-related risk factors.

About Us

Our identity stems from 50 years of scientific research and clinical studies conducted by Dr Walter Pierpaoli and his team on melatonin and other biological molecules such as TRH (thyrotropin releasing hormone), ‘transferrins’ and their possible use in therapeutic protocols.

With over 140 papers on melatonin and its role in regulating the bidirectional interaction between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems, published in the most prestigious international scientific journals and numerous popular science books – including the international best-seller ‘The Melatonin Miracle’, translated into 17 languages – Dr Pierpaoli has become world-renowned for his research on melatonin, the pineal gland, the synchronisation of biological rhythms and their impact on the balance of metabolic and immune hormonal functions.

To this day, the Pierpaoli Exelyas approach is rigorous and scientific. We base – and build every day – our identity and credibility on this approach.

What we do

The Pierpaoli® brand, known internationally for being solid and reliable and present in Italy for many years, has made a name for itself in the melatonin market thanks to the efficacy of its products. Today, in addition to producing and marketing the products that have made the company’s history, Pierpaoli Exelyas® continues to conduct research to further enhance the efficacy of its formulations and to develop a complete portfolio of products based on melatonin and other natural molecules.

Our vision

Raise and spread awareness of the potential of melatonin and other biological molecules in improving mental and physical health, well-being and longevity.

Our mission

Develop, produce and market innovative nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products based on biological molecules and substances to improve people’s health and eliminate risk factors for age-related diseases.

Our goals

  • Increase our research and development capacity for therapeutic solutions based on biological molecules.
  • Offer these therapeutic solutions to as many people as possible, through collaborations with experienced business partners.
  • Strengthen and enhance our collaborations with physicians and specialists in order to maintain and advance the clinical application of specific therapies derived from basic research applied to the field of psycho-neuro-endocrinology, immunology and ageing.


Pierpaoli Exelyas® is currently engaged in promoting research and clinical studies, in partnership with universities and clinical institutions, to:

  • Obtain new therapeutic indications for their products
  • Increase the bioavailability of products
  • Improve the efficacy of formulations
  • Delve into the mechanisms of action and metabolism of melatonin
  • Develop pharmacological and clinical synergies.

Production protocols

Our products are manufactured in Italy, following the strictest pharmaceutical standards. A very precise production method was developed in Switzerland in 1998 for Pierpaoli® Melatonin Zinc-Selenium. Even today, many years after the creation of the Pierpaoli® Melatonin Zinc-Selenium production protocol, every single process takes place following these guidelines. The composition of our preparations has been studied to ensure maximum efficacy and to obtain the physiological effect the product should have, in accordance with the scientific indications specified by Dr Pierpaoli at the time.

Production standards and certifications

The production method and formula of Pierpaoli® products are registered and provide precise instructions to be followed at each stage of production, such as the analysis to be carried out on the active ingredients and excipients, the temperature range within which the product must be processed, the method and timing of process controls and sampling, etc. Specific indications are given at each batch, so that raw materials, packaging and sampling procedures can be approved. The method establishes the controls to be carried out during the manufacturing process and each batch has its own processing report. Production takes place in compliance with the relevant regulations, applying the pharmaceutical method in assessing risks and hazards and in adopting the necessary control measures for hygienic and sanitary purposes.