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Alghe e metabolismo, salli minerali preziosi per la salute Formula
KKS Algae®
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Formula KKS Algae®

Formula KKS Algae®: average values per daily dose (2 tablets):
Alga Klamath 600 mg, alfalfa 300 mg, Alga Kombu 200 mg, Spirulina 200 mg.

Box of 60 tablets

Formula KKS Algae®: why this formulations?

Formula KKS Algae® was specifically formulated to contain suitable percentages of Spirulina, Alga Kombu, Alga Klamath ed Alfalfa.

Formula KKS Algae® is an algae-based supplement, selected as it is especially rich in minerals, that can favor metabolism function.

An important aspect of Formula KKS Algae® is that these algae are extremely effective as chelating agents as they can not only provide balanced doses of precious minerals, but can also capture, bind and eliminate toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium found in the body.

Formula KKS Algae®, the importance of Minerals 

Formula KKS Algae® is a mineral-based supplement, wherein the algae are so rich that they are an essential part of the “enzymes”, or proteins that are carriers for the synthesis of any molecule. This is why their presence in everyday food is vital.

Aging, an a inadequate diet can cause a sizable loss in mineral salts, with repercussions on our metabolic balance.

For example, zinc is an essential part of more than 200 enzymes. Zinc is lost every day while aging.

Our studies confirm that the altering of our Biological Clock as we age, brings about a progressive loss and alteration of endo and extra cellular concentration of several minerals.

This loss and imbalance are due to the hormonal desynchronization that leads to large-scale changes in the cell membrane, or the element that “filtrates”, accumulates, loses or keeps the mineral.

However, if this membrane is altered, the cell no longer manages to hold or remove essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium and zinc. Therefore, without a suitable availability and balanced maintaining of essential minerals, the cell degenerates.

Formula KKS Algae®:

General Indications


Formula KKS Algae® is a supplement containing Klamath, Kombu and Spirulina algae plus Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa).

  • Useful for normal mood
  • Useful for lipid metabolism
  • Useful for metabolism stimulation

An original Pierpaoli formulation, Formula KKS Algae® is a supplement that acts on stimulating the metabolism, in particular that of lipids, and also supports and reconstitutes.

Alghe Klamath, Kombu and Spirulina with Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa).

Recommended: take two tablets a day, away from mealtimes.

Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Supplements are not intended to be substitutes for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children under the age of three years, do not take during pregnancy, store below 25°C and keep away from light.

Safety indications

Using Formula KKS Algae® at the recommended doses is safe. Always consult your GP before taking the supplement, if:

  • you are taking other medication, to make sure there are no contraindications or possibility of interactions;

  • use is intended for children and lactating women;
  • supplements are taken for prolonged periods or continuously.

Given the lack of studies on the matter, Formula KKS Algae® should not be taken during pregnancy.


Consult your GP before taking Formula KKS Algae® supplements, if you are taking other medication.

Consult your GP if you are undergoing pharmacological therapy, or if there are any particular medical conditions, to have the right indications about how to take supplements.

Special population groups

Given the lack of studies on the matter, Formula KKS Algae® should not be taken during pregnancy.

For precaution, consult your GP before taking Formula KKS Algae® during breastfeeding.

Prolonged Use
Inform your GP if you are taking the drug for prolonged periods or continuously.

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