Starting from the month of May, Pierpaoli supplements will reach pharmacies in new packaging, redesigned for the change phase that has involved our brand since the start of the year. A rebranding that has revised our brand’s historical icons and has given a new graphic design to Pierpaoli product packaging.
The new product icons.
Over the next few months, Pierpaoli products Melatonina Zinco-Selenio Pierpaoli®ProVision® and Formula KKS Algae® will appear with their renewed packaging. The new box has a white background, red details and new logos. The style has been designed so that the products can be more easily recognizable, easily identifiable, and suitable for social and web communications. The packaging has been redesigned to be even more suited to sales in pharmacies, which have always been the main channel for the Pierpaoli brand with the Melatonina Zinco-Selenio Pierpaoli® formula thanks to a public that has chosen to trust our original formulations over the years, and has become market leader over time.
The wave because it is life.
The new box will have several differences compared to the previous one, through which an increasing number of customers, and pharmaceutical professionals got to know us. The new graphic design has redesigned the wave, the characteristic element of Pierpaoli product packaging. Alexey Pierpaoli, the company’s CEO, who personally directed developments in this new phase, tells us about it. «The wave is reminiscent of the movement of the sea, influenced by the moon’s pull that controls the tides. It is a principle connected to femininity. This movement has aided the development of life on earth (“spring of life”), a few billion years ago, and is still essential for our existence. The movement of the wave can be associated with the circulatory flow of blood and vital lymph. If it was static, there would be no life».
Past present and future in the new Pierpaoli image.
The new image preserves the value of a past of experience and dedication, that, thanks to the years of research by Professor Walter Pierpaoli on the neuro endocrine and immune system, led the company to grow and be recognized and appreciated over the years, thanks to effective products that are a valid support for health and approved by medical-scientific studies. In its new graphic design, the company Pierpaoli is ready to welcome new prospects for development and to create more openings towards partners, for those who have always turned to us, and towards a new public, adapting to new rules and standards of communication.

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