The Pierpaoli supplement formulas started in the 1990s, when the team of experts led by Walter Pierpaoli refined some preparations that could produce beneficial effects by supplementing the melatonin found in in vivo studies. This is how Melatonina Zinco Selenio was created, the product that is the reason why many people know the Pierpaoli brand today, and decide to try it out.
The research, on the basis of which the work of the company making dietary supplements is based, has reached milestones confirmed by several scientific publications the principles of which are contained in and made available to the public in books and in the Medical Handbook by Doctor Pierpaoli, that still enjoys great success. If the Pierpaoli brand has become synonymous with effective, safe, and scientifically validated solutions, it is thanks to the constant dedication, the application of an accurate method of observation, and to the success in clinical observation. Work that, over the years, has become an advantage for the consumer, who has always known they can trust this expert reality and the safe supplements that work. Doctor Walter Pierpaoli has spent years of his professional life thoroughly researching and studying case studies. Still today, when a person chooses one of our products, they are not just buying a supplement, but they are taking home a bit of all this: the work carried out over the years to find the best formulation, and the most effective one.
Cultura Pierpaoli: knowing about resynchronization.
The innovative load of the results that have emerged during this long period of research and medical application, which began back in the 1960s, immediately gained a great following. Faced with the discovered benefits, patients have shown increasing interest in the achievements we obtained, and professionals in the sector soon began to follow us too: our experimental discoveries fascinated them, as well as how they were applied. During these many years of research, we have managed to understand the importance of maintaining a controlled biological equilibrium, and how vital it is to our health. The concept of inter-hormonal resynchronization was for from this awareness. There is a cyclical balance that is governed by the rhythms of the planets, the moon and the sun. Many occurrences that are connected with life on Earth, are inextricably linked to these cycles. We are too. So are our hormones. We can’t escape this fact.
No mystery
«It is the awareness, on all levels, of what this condition brings with it. I believe that understanding – and being bound to – this concept is key. All the rest comes from this consideration, that has been experimented and proven in the laboratory. The pineal gland follows this planetary rhythmic cycle that is etched into our genome. We are daytime/night-time animals, and we stay balanced through this type of synchronization, that everything is connected to: the seasons, circadian rhythms, etc.» states Dr Walter Pierpaoli. He then continues «Everything is linked to these rhythms, and it is strange that mankind, living in this circadian rhythmic system made of days and nights that have followed on from each other since time began, has not noticed it. Electricity altered our lifestyles, and “thanks” (so to say) to all this technology and illumination surrounding us, our rhythms have changed. The most obvious things were neglected, resulting in the fact that this new way of living has caused imbalance and disease and an acceleration ofaging». He ends by saying: «There is nothing mysterious in all this». No mystery There is, in fact, a place where it is possible to find all this, a place born from our commitment to wanting to provide information that is truthful, complete and free, that we have always believed in: Cultura Pierpaoli. Visit us to believe.

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