Success in research is an collective act of achievement. Everyone can take advantage of a new discovery, but only if someone has the courage to ask new questions, and take an extra step from the point they have already reached.
From the early research in the 1960s to launching the new image.
Professor Walter Pierpaoli began his research work in the early 1960s, as director of the CNR research laboratory in Milan, then as director of the Neuroimmunology group at the Swiss Institute of Medicine in Davos-Platz a short time later. Over the years, Doctor Pierpaoli has made the results of his own research available via original formulations, based on molecules that exist in nature. Work carried on constantly over the years, done with a passion for biomedical research, that led to results that could offer a valid support for people’s health. 2020 is an important milestone for Pierpaoli: a renewed presence on the market, the expansion of their Italian premises, a new image that represents this development phase, that looks ahead, and creates a line of continuity between Dr Pierpaoli’s experience in the field of research and the prospects of development by his son, Alexey Pierpaoli, CEO of the company Pierpaoli Exelyas.
Interview with Walter and Alexey Pierpaoli
Doctor Pierpaoli, in which way have your studies contributed to progressing research on the pineal gland and Melatonin? Walter Pierpaoli: «It was in the early 1970s when we managed to prove a direct correlation between the Melatonin molecule and aging. During those years, we proved that this process can be intended as a biological program that the pineal gland can regulate through the level of Melatonin that it can produce. This molecule has the characteristic of acting as the universal chemical mediator of the biological world. It was the first of the essential steps on the path that has now led to knowledge of all the advantages of PNEI (Psycho-Neuro-Endocrino-Immunology) and maintaining hormonal synchronization, through preventive medicine and the adoption of lifestyles that respect circadian rhythms». What has your research proven? Walter Pierpaoli: «My research has shown that there is an interconnection between the functioning of the various apparatus. Up to that moment, it was thought that the three systems, neurologicalendocrine and immune, worked separately. My research, the experiments carried out for years and the confirmations of clinical trials completely overturned this perspective and identified the Pineal gland as our life clock». What does taking that extra step mean for you? Walter Pierpaoli: «The discovery of a direct connection between these systems, and the role that the pineal gland plays in preserving our state of health, led us to a new point of view. The ensuing studies, and the successes at clinical level revealed a new health approach, intended as maintaining inter-hormonal synchronization. Our therapy perspective aims to provide thecorrect support for the organism, offering solutions that are present in nature, with original formulations that can sustain health. Our path has led us here: Everyone can be healthy, everyone must know how to do that and have the possibility of accessing these resources. Courage and intellectual freedom have always inspired our way of working and have allowed us to achieve revolutionary results». You have chosen 2020 as the moment to renew and launch a new image. Where does this need come from? Alexey Pierpaoli: «The Pierpaoli brand has been on the market for several years, and is known worldwide, also thanks to the success of my father’s  book The melatonin Miracle, which was published in 1996 in the United States and has been translated into 16 countries. Pierpaoli has distinguished itself over the years for its cutting-edge products  and scientific studies, and will continue to do so, but in a way that is more suited to today’s means. We want to offer the opportunity, even to those who still don’t know about us, to discover the innovative characteristics of our products. We offer solutions, in various areas, based on years of study. Our products are effective: we want to be easy to reach, present, because the more people are informed, the greater the contribution that research and development can offer to everyone’s benefit». Today, the efficacy of Melatonina Zinco Selenio Pierpaoli® makes it one of the best known and most used melatonin supplements. What are the greatest challenges that are present during this phase? Alexey Pierpaoli: «Any change brings with it opportunities, and is necessary. Standing still is not always the best thing. There are many new features: being present in a more structured manner in Italy has lead us to move in new channels; a different image to the one that many know can be compared to a rebirth. We will address these challenges with enthusiasm, and we will commit to providing all our help Our intention is to meet the health needs of people, who are aware of being extremely careful and selective. We are there for them, and it will be increasingly easier to find us» Pierpaoli products are not just supplements: behind the brand, thanks to the results of passionate work and continuous research, there is a whole realm of knowledge. What does Cultura Pierpaoli mean today? Alexey Pierpaoli: « Cultura Pierpaoli is the educational matrix behind a new concept of health. Cultura Pierpaoli has always believed in a free, direct, open and people-oriented communication model. It is a place (metaphorically speaking) that is accessible to everyone and comes with the aim of promoting diffusion, knowledge and publication of biomedical research results, in particular research carried out in the field of psychoneuroendocrinology, immunology and hematology (anti-aging, bone marrow transplants and organ, tissue and cell transplants) If so many doctors, pharmacists and healthcare professional still choose to follow our training courses, that have been held yearly since 2014 thanks to the work of Interbion, it is thanks to the efficacy of our solutions. Today, and from hereon in, Cultura Pierpaoli will be even more open and people-oriented, to provide answers that can improve their lives». So new prospects but same principles? Alexey Pierpaoli: «The strength of this project is that it is based on a vision that we have all believed in. Our passion for study and research and the desire to find new solutions are what lie behind every choice that has brought us to this point». Would you like to tell us about them? What principles inspire your work? Alexey Pierpaoli: «Our work is inspired by the value of basic medical and biological research, first and foremost; we offer effective solutions supported by years of scientific studies; we believe in a vision of physical and mental wellbeing and in the publishing of our results. Pierpaoli Exelyas formulations, based on biological molecules, provide a valid health aid, as they compensate for deficiencies due to several external inference factors, that are the origin of several health problems. Melatonina Zinco Selenio®, and Pro Vision® and KKS Algae® are formulated on this basis. For example, Melatonina Zinco Selenio Pierpaoli® is a well-known, effective supplement that is used by an increasing number of consumers. It synergically combines 3 active principles: Melatonin with its chronobiotic action, and Zinc and Selenium for the immune system (Pierpaoli et al. The zinc-melatonin interrelationship. Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 719, 298-307, 1994.). Pierpaoli Exelyas has inherited the formulations created from research to aid equilibrium of our biological set up that is the foundation of wellbeing and longevity, producing and commercializing innovative dietary supplements, pharmaceutical products and cosmetic products.  At Pierpaoli Exelyas, we work to make available molecules that are already present in nature, that help balance the neuroendocrine and immune system in our organism, reducing health risk factors. The results ,and the faith with which more and more people are choosing our products, have confirmed that this is a good way to operate» Speaking of prospects, what can you tell us, Doctor Pierpaoli, about the new goals in research? Walter Pierpaoli: «In recent years, together with other researchers, we have shown enormous potential of certain agents in the immunological world. Our observations, based on studies that we have been conducting since 1978, have led to the discovery of the huge potential of these molecules, and the advantages they could bring to the transplant field, for example. Results are still being validated, but we will work to make them public as soon as possible. Not just for those people who have followed us for years, but also for those who will learn about us from now on, and will witness this new chapter in our story»  

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