In 2020, the company Pierpaoli is welcoming a new phase of its own history, with a more direct presence in Italy, the expansion of its premises and new development prospects. An evolution that has also involved the corporate image, thanks to a rebranding campaign, with the design of an image that is more in line with the company’s identity, the goals and targets that it has set itself.  
Revolution and continuity.
«We support people’s health by formulating preparations based on fifty years of scientific research and interest in people», says Alexey Pierpaoli. «Our products are created to help, through the use of natural molecules, the balance of our biological set up, on which a stronger immune system depends, a system that can combat the effects of aging and support a state of general health», explains Alexey Pierpaoli, CEO of the company Pierpaoli Exelyas. «Melatonin has been found to a molecule that can provide huge benefits, as it can help the function of the pineal gland, the organ that synchronizes all hormonal cycle functions during the day and night phases.» However, this revolution phase has not changed any of the values that the company bases itself on. «Only real discoveriesobservations of biological realities, become an integral part of knowledge that provide real benefits for everyone. Our work has always been inspired by a spirit of ethical progress, made of values, principles and ideals. We believe in intellectual freedom that is the identity of our work and the people we work with.» Pierpaoli has always connected its development with the wellbeing of the people and communities that it works with. «Thanks to the consent of thousands of informed consumers who have chosen our products, we have reached important objects, and are always available through our direct presence. We would like to begin this new operation with the renewed image that represents Us
The history of the new brand: the turtle and the ammonite.
«Our symbols maintain the meaning that is a perfect reflection of our motivations. The turtle and ammonite, that have always been a part of the Pierpaoli logo, have been restyled.» These symbols were chosen in the 1970s/80s, and their meaning, as Alexey Pierpaoli tells us, is linked to the symbolic meaning of these elements that are closely connected to our corporate and Group identity. The turtle, the ancient and long-living creature, indicates the wisdom of the saying “Slow and steady wins the race”. «Those people who get lost amidst the pace of an agitated, frenetic lifestyle, lose touch with their own nature, altering their body and mental rhythms and they age faster. The turtle represents strength, tenacity, peace and longevity. It is a wise creature that knows how to defend itself. It achieves its goals through these virtues.» Ammonite has also been a symbol in the company’s logos from the start. «Ammonite is a reflection of the geological times required to turn seashells from the ancient seas into huge mountains, and at the same time brings the ubiquitous symbols of  time cycles into the structure, that is a vital part of staying healthy. It has a spiral shape that refers to the cyclic nature of the rotation of planets and the cosmos, that brings about an evolution. Ammonite also symbolizes the Milky Way, the Galaxy, and therefore represents the expansive and evolutionary force of cosmic energy contained in our stars.» A representative symbol that connects to a cyclical yet infinite development; to the creative rotation, an energy movement that is renewed on each evolution.

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